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Initiation in the Bribri Temple

12 men from the Bribri tribe build this temple together - in silence.
Before they took the wood from the trees, they give thanks and honored this ressource of mother nature. They build with no rush, sometimes one of them just laid around and slept for some hours, no one minds. This work shall be done mindfull and present.

The cacao ceremonies and teachings that I received inside this beautiful sacred natural building changed me from the inside out. I still remember the moments when during a ceremony I stepped out of the temple and watched up to the tall trees... they were full of fireflys and I felt I arrived in a magical fairytale world.

Cacao is not a psychedelic plant but it definitely brings you into a different perspective on life - a perspective that is your own- you, connected with your heart, and less unconscious focus on your intellect. In our culture we are so much trained to analyze things, rather than feeling and connecting with experiences. While analyzing and calculating we numb our aliveness and sensitivity. We close ourselves to see the unknown and welcome the unexpected. Life becomes predictable. Cacao gives again a reference point on our other intelligence centers: It reminds us of the power of our creativity, heart-centeredness and the things that truly matter to us.

During my first ceremonies I often experienced a deep emotional reconnection with the earth. Already before I considered myself a total nature child, but during this journeys I started to truly feel the earth as a living being. The plants, the sky, the waters, became alive to me, while my heart opened itself to more and more aliveness too. This brought me into tears or laughter sometimes when we sang loudly into the jungle. Using plants as a tool of healing, consciousness-expansion and evolution has always been part of our human existance. I was able to touch the tip of the iceberg, on how big the potential of this reconnection to the plantworld might be.

How can a human being that knows the richness in each leaf ever selfishly destroy nature?
How can a human being rooted in his own heart act out of violence and destruction?
How can a human being reconnected to his sensitivity not want to do good for him and his people? Cacao is known as the plant of the shift. And an old saying from Central America goes like this "when humans and nature are in big disconnection, the spirit of cacao shall be brought from the rainforest to bring the planet back into balance."

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